Consolation Weekend in Monterey

Unfortunately, weather conspired to scuttle our 2019 Cordell project window - but at least we did get a nice weekend in Monterey as a consolation prize. If you haven’t seen the PBS documentary on Cordell (and including the BAUE project), you can find it here.

Labor Day in Monterey

Had a nice holiday weekend of whale-watching and diving.

Return to Sur

Weather and visibility finally cooperated for just to get back down to Pt. Sur. A few from the banks, and Lobos Rocks.

Night Camping in Central Oregon

A few night shots from an overnight trip to Broken Top.

Mexico Cave Diving

Dusted off my remote strobes for a quick jaunt down to Mexico for some cave diving over the 4th - here are a few shots.

A few days in Kauai

Had a chance to spend a few days in Kauai recently - not long enough to see everything, but did get to see a few sunrises and sunsets.


Just got back from a week of diving Fiji’s reefs off of the Nai’a

A few more winter dives

Had a few more weekends worth diving, and a few more shots to show for it.

Brutal winter diving

Winter’s been brutal so far and has only given up one or two days worth diving.

So Long 2018

A couple last shots from the end of the year - here’s hoping 2019 is even better.