Thanksgiving Diving

We got to spend most of the Thanksgiving week in Monterey. Water conditions have been quite warm and clear recently, and we were able to get out for a couple of really nice dives.

Cold Clear Water

A few from the last couple weekends of diving - cold clear water is in, so visibility has been great!

Fleet Week - Blue Angels

Had a chance to see the Blue Angels again at Fleet Week in SF from a front-row seat on a friend’s boat - drinks and camera in hand!

Whales, Sea Lions and Great Diving

Another amazing weekend in and on the water - calm flat seas, plentiful humpbacks, playful sea lions and great visibility.

Great Weekend on the Water

Had a nice change of pace in the weather, with the howling wind and fog giving way to a light breeze and clear skies. Took advantage to get out and see the whales that are feeding in town and to get in a great dive.

Central Oregon

Managed to thread the needle and find a break in the smokey air to get up to Broken Top again.  Unfortunately, the moon made for some tough shooting conditions, so not much to show for the effort this year.


Anilao, Philippines

Just finished up a week of diving in Anilao.  Since choosing is hard, here are way too many photos...


Great light, calm seas, light winds, and lazy whales.  Ah well - still love the flukescape...

Big Sur by Night

Weeks of foggy mornings and overcast nights gave way to a clear evening; perfect opportunity with a late moonrise to try shooting the Milky Way.  Tried out a couple new spots I’d had in the back of my mind (and managed not to get blown off the cliffs by the 30kt winds!)


Murky Diving at Lobos

Had a couple days off around the 4th and planned a couple dives to some of our favorite Yankee Point deep spots, ones we've been unable to get to so far this year because of bad weather.  As usual, no good plan survives contact with the water - Day 1 we managed to get in a good dive in at Birthday Wall, but the 300' exposure caused a minor flood in my camera.  Day 2, we got beat back off of Point Lobos by the wind, and tucked in at Deep E3.  Got in some slug-hunting in the 10-15' murk.