Labor Day in Monterey

Had a nice holiday weekend of whale-watching and diving.

Return to Sur

Weather and visibility finally cooperated for just to get back down to Pt. Sur. A few from the banks, and Lobos Rocks.

Night Camping in Central Oregon

A few night shots from an overnight trip to Broken Top.

Mexico Cave Diving

Dusted off my remote strobes for a quick jaunt down to Mexico for some cave diving over the 4th - here are a few shots.

A few days in Kauai

Had a chance to spend a few days in Kauai recently - not long enough to see everything, but did get to see a few sunrises and sunsets.


Just got back from a week of diving Fiji’s reefs off of the Nai’a

A few more winter dives

Had a few more weekends worth diving, and a few more shots to show for it.

Brutal winter diving

Winter’s been brutal so far and has only given up one or two days worth diving.

So Long 2018

A couple last shots from the end of the year - here’s hoping 2019 is even better.

Thanksgiving Diving

We got to spend most of the Thanksgiving week in Monterey. Water conditions have been quite warm and clear recently, and we were able to get out for a couple of really nice dives.